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We are not an average IT Solution provider. In a world that changes every day, the future seems uncertain at times. But with a partner that handles your end-to-end digital requirements and keeps you at the forefront of the digital evolution, you can trust in the power of tomorrow while focusing on the core of your business today. Our Solutions include One-Stop Managed IT Services, Cloud Solutions, Application & Web Development, IT Helpdesk Support, Asset Management and Health Care IT solutions. Our experience goes well beyond building out servers and updating workstations. We have worked with the technology utilized in every type of business. We have helped companies recover data from system failures, we’ve performed due-diligence for companies, and we’ve earned our client’s trust along the way.

  • Web & App
  • Managed IT Services
  • IT Helpdesk Support
  • IT Project Management
  • Healthcare Solutions

Our Vision

An effective solution to technology improvement is more than just adding a piece of hardware or installing the latest software. It takes educated professionals to analyze a situation and design solutions that work best for today’s networks. Understanding computer networks and technology is basic; the Engineers at Bluewyre understand how to use this technology to gain competitive advantages for our clients. With Bluewyre’ information technology, clients join forces with an expert business partner. We leverage our in-depth knowledge of computer networks, technology and business to deliver customized, high quality and cost effective IT solutions that meet our clients’ unique business goals and technical requirements. Quick. Accommodating. Personable. At Bluewyre, we strive to be your preferred technology partner, which means you get customizable plans, friendly Engineers and fast service.

Driving real business benefits through a range of IT Solutions

Bluewyre is an  independent consulting and technical services company that strategically manages and supports its clients' information technology systems.

Company Profile

Company Profile

Bluewyre Technologies is an independent provider of professional IT services to the number of sectors and is not limited to specific region. Bluewyre Technologies has expertise across a wide spectrum of Information Technologies, with a track record for successfully completing hundreds of assignments since its establishment in 2017.

We provide professional IT services, both project-based and ongoing operational support in

  1. IT Services
  2. Project Management
  3. Cloud Deployments
  4. Application and Web Development
  5. Healthcare Information Management Solutions


We do what we say we’ll do. Own up to mistakes, and do whatever it takes to make it right! At Bluewyre Technologies, we remain truthful to the core under all circumstances. You can trust Bluewyre Technologies to always put our clients best interests first!

We take IT services to the next level by guaranteeing customer satisfaction and providing solutions tailored around cybersecurity and strategic consulting. Our clients benefit from our IT Lifecycle program which is a framework that aligns IT needs with business growth while ensuring up-to-date IT infrastructure and leveraging both public and private Cloud. With skilled and proficient team Bluewyre Technologies is in a position to provide local, regional, and global IT strategy and technology solutions to its clients.




Projects Completion



Our Business Solutions

Electronic Healthcare Management

Bluewyre provides eHealthcare IT solutions mean better control and services. Providing the complete eHealthcare IT solution or part of it, Bluewyre is the digital security expert for protecting personal health data while securely connecting all actors. Bluewyre offers a complete set of flexible, personalized solutions to meet all requirements and suit your needs.

Application & Web Development

At Bluewyre Technologies, we are at the forefront of web application development suited to your business requirements. We can create custom web apps for e-commerce, web-based business apps, social computing, intranet and corporate portals, etc., while greatly enhancing the reach of your company.

Managed IT Services

Bluewyre provides remote monitoring and management, remote and on-premise break/fix support, installation and configuration services and patch management for servers in customers IT environments. All with the goal of maximum performance and minimal interruption to service.

IT Helpdesk

Wherein we take on the role of the IT department or we provide additional support for an in-house IT function.











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